Members of the Caribou herd open their minds to new ideas and welcome diverse perspectives. We proudly assert that teams do their best work when their members are personally engaged, their ideas are taken seriously, their contributions are recognized, and their needs are met.

Leaders in Gene Editing: Passionate and relentless in our pursuit of innovation
Collaboration: Shaping a better future together
Scientific Excellence: Innovating solutions to advance scientific applications
Community Engagement: Addressing society’s needs through open dialogue
Integrity: Operating with the highest level of integrity
Personal Development: Empowering and supporting one another
Respectful and Inclusive: Everyone is a necessary contributor to our success

How our employees describe Caribou.

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Bryan Kohrs photo

“Caribou is a supportive environment where everyone is empowered to make an impact on the whole company.”

Bryan Kohrs

Jenny Dang photo

“chRDNA genome-editing is an extremely powerful tool with the potential to vastly improve the promise of cell therapies. I am proud to work at Caribou because we are committed to innovating and developing that tool to help patients.”

Jenny Dang

Cory Jacob photo

“The work ethic at Caribou is very high – everyone here is focused and willing to assist when needed.”

Cory Jacob


Our team is boldly focused on creating a new generation of genome-edited cell therapies that have the potential to improve treatment options for patients with cancer. We are committed to offering competitive compensation and benefits that support the needs of our employees while they focus on our shared goals for patients.

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