Summary of employee benefits

The following benefits are currently provided to eligible Caribou employees. Caribou reserves the right to change these benefits at any time, without notice to employees, except as required by applicable law. Please direct any questions to Human Resources.

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Health benefits

Caribou offers group medical, vision, and dental insurance plans, including HDHP, HMO, and PPO medical plans. There is also a fertility benefit available to all employees. The insurance plans are available on the 1st day of the calendar month following an employee’s employment start date.

401(k) plan

Each employee has the opportunity to contribute to the Company’s 401(k) retirement account. Caribou matches the employee’s contributions up to 4% and the employer contributions are immediately vested, subject to federal tax limitations.

Pre-tax spending plans

Caribou offers pre-tax spending plans for health care and dependent care expenses. These plans are available on the 1st day of the calendar month following an employee’s employment start date and elections will be binding for the remainder of the calendar year.

Life insurance

Caribou provides basic life insurance of 2x annual salary up to $500,000 at no cost to employees. In addition, employees may purchase voluntary life insurance up to and including $500,000, through payroll deductions. Voluntary life insurance may also be purchased for an employee’s spouse/domestic partner and dependents.

Disability insurance

Caribou provides short-term and long-term disability insurance to supplement the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) payments (or equivalent programs, if available, for employees working outside of California) in the event that an employee becomes disabled and is no longer able to work. These plans provide up to 67% of wages after a 7-day waiting period at no cost to employees.

Employee wellness

The Company offers access to self-guided meditations and digital courses, community-based events, and one-on-one mental health support with a coach or therapist at no cost to employees and their dependents. 

Tuition reimbursement program

Employees may participate in a Tuition Reimbursement Program that provides up to and including $2,500 per calendar year in reimbursement of approved eligible tuition and required books and materials to help employees further their educational or career development for their current or future roles at Caribou.

Time off

Caribou employees are eligible for a minimum of 3 weeks of paid vacation in addition to 12 paid holidays per year. Employees also are eligible for up to 9 paid sick days per year.

Gym membership

The Company’s landlord has a gym 3 blocks from Caribou’s facilities that is open 24/7. Employees may join for $125 per calendar year. The membership fee is not pro-rated if an employee joins mid-year.


On-site parking is available at no cost to employees.

Commuter benefits

Employees may purchase pre-tax commuter benefits monthly through payroll deductions. These commuter benefits may be in the form of pre-paid transit cards, eg. Clipper cards or transit MasterCards.

Free shuttle service is available from the MacArthur and Ashby BART stations to the Company’s offices.

Employees may receive a $20 bike voucher monthly if they use a bike as their primary transportation mode to work. Vouchers may be used for bike repairs, supplies, and the like and are a taxable benefit.

Electric vehicle recharging stations

The Company’s landlord has installed several electric vehicle charging units in one of the available parking lots. Employees can register with the landlord to use these chargers.